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Louis does all his own stunts #YouAndIFragrance1D

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theramiyacoub: Wild child of mine @harrystyles.. Thx for an epic session. And please give me your bike when your done with it!!

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Anonymous: you're joking right? no way louis is a leggiero tenor anything above a G4 is weak and sounds like shit the fact that you even attempted to put him on the same level as zayn is just plain stupid


man oh man you came to the wrong blog

"anything above a G4 is weak and sounds like shit"

do you have any idea what a G4 is? he can sing that note in his sleep.

let me educate you:

(x) this was two years ago. an effortless G4 on the word “girls”

(x) last year. G4-“prayin’”. weak and light are not the same thing. 

ahh but you said above a G4. Let’s go higher shall we?

G#4- (x) wow so weak lou what are you doing in this band

G#4- (x) effort.less. yeah he had to reach for the C5 but dont tell me he can’t hit over G4

another G#4 because its such a great note from him (x) oh yeah that sounded like shit anon you’re right silly me

(x)- A4 in WMYB. effortless. (bonus to anyone who isn’t hating on lou: how cute are his little “oh oh” ‘s?) 

one thing, live while we’re young, over again, moments: louis carries those choruses. guess which note? yup A4.

can’t leave out my favorite song for his voice, more A4: (x)

i can stay on this note forever because it sounds so good with his voice but lets continue

take a wild guess at who carries this chorus (x) can’t be Louis because his A4’s and B4’s sound like shit right? listen to the word “stage” in the second verse wow that was so hard for him

yeah its a studio version but this chorus.. nothing weak about it (x) B4

here’s a C5 live. “he never hits that note live” yeah. right. mhm. (x)

more C5’s (x)

here’s the studio version of that because damn (x)

and if he stopped pushing his voice so hard and let its natural, lighter tone come out he could easily go higher.

As far as putting him on the same level as Zayn, its not ridiculous. They are the only two in the band that can hit those notes in their chest voices. Yes, Zayn can currently go higher, that doesn’t mean Louis can’t get better. Louis can also sing lower than Zayn and his low notes are more powerful so when you look at their overall ability, Louis really isn’t that far behind Zayn. Were it not for Louis’ inconsistency I think a lot more people would compare their voices.

Don’t tell me his voice sounds like shit until you can do what he does on a stage to thousands of fans night after night. Please don’t message me again until you learn to stop being an asshole. Thanks.

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